The original WebPatientEncounter was developed between 2002 and 2019 by Dennis Novack, MD, Christof Daetwyler, MD, and Gregory McGee at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA, with generous funding provided by Barbara E. Chick '59, MD. WebPatientEncounter was licensed in 2019 to the spin-off company EnhancedLearn LLC, which continues its development under the name WebEncounter.

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What is WebEncounter?

WebEncounter is a system that facilitates remote audio/visual encounters between trainees and Standardized Patients for the deliberate practice and assessment of communication skills.

Learning Cycle

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WebEncounter integrates learning, practice, assessment, and assignments into an enhanced eLearning cycle that you may explore by clicking the illustrations on the right:
step 1: learning of facts step 2: practice step 3: assess step 4: assign

WebEncounter features:

  • Remote encounters with Standardized Patients (actors who are trained to portray patients with medical/psychological conditions in a reproducible, standardized way) for practicing healthcare communication tasks (like smoking cessation counseling, breaking bad news, etc.)

  • Objective scoring: objective, structured, reproducible scoring of healthcare communication competencies (which competencies are assessed is dependent of the case).

  • Structured feed-back: Structured, personalized, high-quality feed-back on the performance during the encounter that is provided by a well trained Standardized Patient who becomes a personal communication coach.

  • Enhanced feed-back: audio/visual enhanced feedback: during the feed-back session, the Standardized Patient can play back recordings of  what the trainee was doing at the times when the scoring was done. In addition, the Standardized Patient can play back prepared video-vignettes to illustrate best practice.

  • Complete recording: the trainee and the administration are provided with access to a complete recording of the encounter and the feed-back session. This recording features a timeline that allows to jump directly to the times when the scoring was done (during encounter) respectively the scoring items were discussed (during feed-back).

  • Personalized learning assignments: the system analyses the performance and sends personalized learning assignments to the trainee.

  • User account: trainees have a user account page from where they can schedule new WebEncounters (if scheduling is not done by the administration), and where they can review all their past WebEncounter scores and recordings.

  • Administration: the administration portal of a WebEncounter-Institution allows the easy set-up of trainees, SPs, cases, and scoring lists. It also allows to schedule future encounters, and review past encounters. Past encounters can be re-scored. Statistics on user performance per case and user surveys are available.

  • Standardized Patients: the system allows for the on-line training of Standardized Patients up to providing them with certification to host WebEncounter cases.

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